Coating and Corrosion Lab


Director: Dr. Mehdinavaz Aghdam
Tel: +982182084619  +982182084118


Research Areas:
Corrosion, Coating, Erosion-Corrosion, Corrosion inhibitors,  cathodic and anodic protection, alloys evaluations, Batteries and Super capacitors.


  1-Evaluation and corrosion of metals and alloys
2-Evaluation of coating and corrosion inhibitors performance, coating deposition by PEO,PES, electrophoretic, Sol gel, Direct and pulse electro-deposition, design of cathodic and anodic protection, development of Nano-coating, producing nano-surface for metals and alloys, Cathodic disbonding, batteries, super capacitors, erosion and wear for metals and alloys, erosion - corrosion of metals and alloys.


equipments and Devices:
1- PEO and PES coating equipments
2- Erosion and Corrosion equipment
3- Electrophoretic device
4- Potentiostat and AC-impedance equipment
5- Inhibitor loop
6- Cathodic  and anodic protection device
7- Cyclic voltammetry
8- Sol gel device
9- Direct and pulse coating device
10- Surface nano maker


1- design and manufacturing erosion and corrosion equipment
2- producing nitro carburizing coating by PES technique
3- producing bromizing coating by PPES technique