Extractive Metallurgy Lab

Director: Dr. Saeed Sheibani

Tel: +982161114120

Email: ssheibani@ut.ac.ir

Research Areas: Extractive Metallurgy; Pyrometallurgy and Hydrometallurgy, Recyccling, Photocatalysts, Nanocomposites


Roasting and calcination of ores

Pelletizing and Sintering and evaluation of related properties

Leaching of ores and secondary resources

Heat treatment; in air and protective atmospheres

Ball milling of metallic and ceramics powders

Solid state and chemical synthesis of nanopowders and nanocomposites

Cold and hot pressing and sintering of powders

Evaluation of photocatalytic performance of powder and film and plate-like samples in degradation of water pollutants

Equipment and Devices:

Pelletizing disc and Sintering equipment

Roasting and calcination equipment

Leaching equipment

Digital scale

Magnetic stirrer

pH meter

Lab centrifuge

Visible spectroscopy

Ultrasonic bath


Tube furnace 1200◦C

Box furnace 1200◦C

Photocatalytic reactor

Low energy and High energy ball mills

Cold and Hot press